Exhibition of antiquities and “Time Machine” workshop

The exhibition of antiquities and “Time Machine” workshop offers to view the industrial vintage and retro collection of the passionate collector Andris Karičkins, listen to his exciting stories, take part in masterclasses and create something interesting and long lasting.

Pre-Soviet and Soviet-era household items, production tools and machine tools, mechanisms, industrial lamps, scales and even early 20th century hairdressing equipment are just some of the antiquities you can see in the “Time Machine” workshop. Moreover, there is a special story behind almost every item! By the way, several items are hand-restored and given second life in the industrial design office of the helicopter maintenance centre, apple orchard lodgings and the “Milzu!” and “Dabas dots” tasting room.

“Nākotnes parks” also offers ceramic masterclasses, where you can make a bowl, vase or plate in the ancient pinch pot technique. The designer and ceramic enthusiast Līna Lukstiņa will be your guide in the basics of hand-build pottery. It would be an exciting event for the whole family, as well as a great activity for stag or hen parties and corporate events. Pre-registration for masterclasses is required!

The exhibition of antiquities and “Time Machine” workshop take up a granary built in 1930s and operated as such in the Soviet-era collective farm “Nākotne”.