“Future Wings” heliport

The dream of flight is one of humanity’s oldest dreams. The cutting-edge aviation technology makes this dream come true. Unlike regular planes, helicopters take off and land vertically, and can fly forward, backward and sideways. Do helicopters leave you breathless?

“Nākotnes parks” is the home of the heliport “Future Wings”, where aircrafts from the Baltics and even the whole world land. It is also home to one of the few helicopter maintenance centres in Latvia employing highly educated aviation mechanics to maintain and inspect aircrafts and ensure flight safety.

Helicopters often take off and land here, so you might also have an opportunity to enjoy this view during your visit to “Nākotnes parks”!

There is an interesting story behind the building that houses helicopters. Back in Soviet times, it was built as a hay barn for the collective farm “Nākotne”. Given that the collective farm was tended to pursue modern, even futuristic ideas, the building boasts a unique engineering solution consisting of 24 metres long, glued wooden beams. Engineered by Ivars Lakšs, these prefabricated beams were manufactured at the woodworking plant Agrokoks and delivered on site by tractors.