Nākotne’s Time Machine Takes Travellers into the Past

Date added : 01/07/2021

An operating telephone booth, a cosmonaut’s helmet, a mini oven for one tea cup, a hundred years old hairdresser’s equipment – these are just some of the vintage things that surprise the visitors of the exhibition of antiquities and “Time Machine” workshop in the adventure and inspiration site “Nākotnes parks”, Glūda parish, Zemgale. See, feel and try them! Let us take you 10 steps in the past and tell more about some exhibits!

1. Operating telephone booth

Is it possible to communicate between the present and the past? Yes, Nākotne’s “Time Machine” proves it! Visitors of the “Nākotnes parks” can give calls to their friends and relatives from a telephone booth manufactured in 1952 with a built-in 1970s payphone. The old telephone booth saved from being scrapped by a collector Vladimirs, who created kind of museum in his yard, came a long way from Daugavpils to the vast expanses of Zemgale.

2. Windows with the aura of antiquity

As you approach the “Time Machine” building, you will immediately notice rounded windows with colourful glazing resembling stained glass. The magnificent play of light and colours looks even more impressive inside the building that exudes an air of times long gone. Especially, when it is sunny outside. The windows made around 1885 come from the former Liepāja Oil Extraction Factory and still have the original glazing. If you come to visit, you will also have an opportunity to enjoy the amazing play of light and colours!

3. Cosmonaut helmet

Whatever, the cosmonaut helmet in “Time Machine” is to stay! It attracts the attention of both kids and adults. By the way, who did not has a childhood dream of becoming a cosmonaut? Pilots flying supersonic planes in near space in the 1970s used this helmet. Visit “Time Machine” to see and touch a real cosmonaut helmet!

4. Gran’s fridge

The ever-changing exhibition at “Time Machine” features “Dnepr”, a cheerful 1957 fridge. For Andris Karičkins, the owner of this antiquity stock, it evokes sweet childhood memories. He restored the old refrigerator, and now it has the looks of a stylish vintage thing and would fit perfectly even a modern interior. “When turned on, it is buzzing like a bee, but the hinges still squeak like when I was a child. After being up to mischief, it was so good to find shelter with my gran in her cosy kitchen,” Andris tells. However, what is in the fridge? Come and find it out!

5. Wooden Iž

The shiny and handsome 1949 Iž motorcycle, also known as the “wooden Iž” for its sluggish run, was the first exhibit of the impressive motorcycle collection. It was obtained from the owner, who did not want to keep it due to painful childhood memories. It turned out that his father was obsessed with his collection of motorcycles, but children were not allowed even to keep an eye on them, let alone to touch these treasures! Have you ever met a boy indifferent to bikes? Rules were often violated and the perpetrator punished. In “Nākotnes parks” you can touch and even climb on it. Book a tour and see for yourself!

6. The most expensive TV set

“Time Machine” is the place you can see probably the most expensive Soviet-era TV set! Why it is the most expensive? Because it was delivered from Latgale to Zemgale by a helicopter! Once upon a time, a TV set took a place of honour in any home. Every evening, the whole family gathered in front of its monochrome screen to watch the news broadcast “Panorāma”, a hockey game or the TV series “Four Tankmen and a Dog”. However, TV will undergo unbelievable technological transformations and get Netflix quite soon. Young people will appreciate this progress!

7. A hundred years old hairdresser’s equipment

Can you imagine ladies getting trendy hairstyles 100 years ago? The 1900 new and unused hairdressers’ parlour equipment will make it easier to understand. It turns out that hair was dried under an electric, helmet-like dryer, and the metal sink had the shape similar to that we see in hairdresser’s parlour today. This equipment was found intact in the attic of a house on Kr. Barona Street in Riga!

8. Mini stove

Have you ever seen a small stove for heating up one teacup, which is a prototype of a regular stove with a chimney and an ash pan? There is one such thing in “Time Machine”! It catches attention of experienced travellers who have considered using this mini stove for heating up their tent.

9. Pharmacy cabinet with added value

Nowadays, that huge and dark wood pharmacy cabinet where different pill bottles and vials are being stored you can see only in history movies or at medical museums. Andris, a collector, acquired it from a house owner in Riga. While restoring the cabinet, everyone was surprised to find a secret hiding place for money. Thus, “Time Machine” got an excellent addition to its collection – old coins dated 1722!

10. Gramophone for beautiful moments in life

Last but not least, a suitcase gramophone – a typical attribute of balls and parties in the 1940s and 1950s. For the generation of our grandmothers and grandfathers, the gramophone recalls their joyful young days and partying until sunset. Visiting “Time Machine”, the young generation will have an opportunity to listen to Spotify of their ancestors with playlists that depended on availability of vinyls.

There are many more things to see! The Riga 12 moped like that in the famous “Gift for a Single Woman” movie, a press form of the world map, a 140 years old steam powered lathe, a century old metal cutting guillotine, the 1885 stairs from Liepāja Karosta, big scales produced at the famous Silkeborg factory in Denmark.

It is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times! Come to the adventure and inspiration site “Nākotnes parks” in Glūda parish, Jelgava municipality!

The exhibition of antiquities and the “Time Machine” workshop is part of attractions in the adventure and inspiration site “Nākotnes parks”, a place to see the remnants of the past and join in creative ceramic masterclasses. “Nākotnes parks” is a wonderful place to have a good time with families, colleagues and friends! Travellers are welcome to visit the beautiful apple orchard “Ābeles un bites”, to immerse themselves into the magic world of helicopters at the helicopter maintenance centre and the “Safe Flight Into the Future” helipad, as well as to taste “Milzu!” and “Dabas dots” products. See you!

“Nākotnes parks” tours take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but the apple orchard is open to picnics on other days too. Pre-booking is required by calling +371 25713949 or writing to info@nakotnesparks.lv

Address: “Industriālais parks”, Glūda parish, Jelgava municipality, LV-3040

Tour prices:

Adults and kids (from 3 years of age) – EUR 8
Families (2 adults +1 child) – EUR 22
(2 adults + 2 children or 1+3) – EUR 28. Each next child (3 years old +) on the 3+ Family Card – EUR 4. The price includes a tour and tasting sessions of “Milzu!” and “Dabas dots” products.

Photo credits: Edijs Andersons, Kārlis Pildiņš, Inese Libere

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